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Michael Valotto

About the artist

Michael Angelo Valotto is an American Artist, Born in Beverly, Massachusetts in 1994. Valotto's paintings are a representation of his philosophical view on life.

"I feel that we are all striving towards something, but that something can't be seen, only felt. Perception, as well as our sense of self, is all we have. And as we climb towards our goals and into the unknown, life becomes a series of doorways and windows. We can see through the glass into what we think we want or need, but it's not until we step through the doorway and into the unknown, do we truly understand that truth in life."

Boat of the Harbor
40 x 40

New London NH
27 x 19

Face and 2 Stash
24 x 30

Orange of Thought
48 x 48

Sunapee from Clark's Lookout
18 x 29