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Garrett Evans

About the artist

I have always loved the out of doors and the beauty of nature. I have tinkered with photography my entire life, but the advent of digital photography and the evolution of photo editing software reignited my interest. This interest transformed into a passion to capture the wonders of the night sky, to take photographs that evoke emotion in the eye of the viewer.

I travel far and wide, often driving hours to capture the perfect moment, the beauty of the Milky Way, the Aurora Borealis and meteors. The art of astrophotography allows me to use my creative mind and free spirit to think and work “outside the box” and to be inspired by the wonder and beauty of our universe and capture it to share with others.

Loon Island Full Moon Canvas
18 x 12

Loon Island
10 x 24

Day in Maine
18 x 12

Milky way #2
12 x 18